What is Geometry Dash APK?

It is a game which is fast-paced arcade action platformer with 2D side-scrolling. the entire Version of Geometry Dash APK is an all-new fun and imaginative game, superhit in its different versions in Android also as iOS.

The game is kind of tricky, but it is a simple to understand gameplay. the quantity of the sport s are hard enough to remain you addicted at your screen but not that tough to make you discard the game after getting irritated and frustrated.

You have to maneuver according to the beats of the music being played within the background. you simply got to keep an ear on those beats and tap on your screen accordingly. you'd wish to fly and jump through the obstacles to proceed within the sport .

You only have one life within the sport , and if you lose that, you'd wish to start out the game everywhere again.

The game has two modes in each level: i) Normal Mode, ii) Practice Mode

You have only one life during a traditional Mode, and you have need to finish the whole level with it. alittle mistake can take you back to where you started.

Even if you fail during this mode, you will be rewarded for the time and energy you set within the sport . The more distance you cover whenever , the more rewards you achieve.

Practice mode, because the name suggests, is for your practice. If you are a newbie within the sport , you'll play a few of Practice mode matches to urge familiar with the gameplay and interface of the Geometry-dash.

The Geometry dash apk download, because the name suggests, features tons of geometry in it. within the start , the character you've is that the only shape that's a cube.

Initially, the game starts with one coloured background and obstacles with a daily pattern. But all the tiny print , just like the shiny effects and details start appearing gradually. As you progress during the game and unlock new options, you'll make a vibrant and different mess out of the game . the game has the primary key element that's music.

Music playing within the background providing you with the beats which you'll follow while enjoying your ride. you'll download the catchy tunes playing within the sport .

Geometry Dash iOS Hack


Geometry dash needs right timing along with the skills and practice. The game becomes a lot easier if you have a hack and cheat tool. Geometry Dash Hack APK is a tool that you can use to progress in the game quickly. You can get the scores, stars, and gold as desired. The Geometry Dash Hack Tool is used to perform better and unlock all the icons in the game.


The main features of a Geometry Dash Hack Tools are:-


  1. Suited best to Android, iOS, PC, Tablets.
  2. You can attain High Scores.
  3. You can get Unlimited Stars.
  4. Unlimited Gold
  5. You can complete all the levels.
  6. The tool unlocks all icons.
  7. Stealth Mode
  8. Fancy Design
  9. Virus-free
  10. Anti-ban protection

With impossible challenges and challenging levels, the game pushes your abilities to your limits. So after having a fair idea about the game and its interface, who wouldn’t like to try the Geometry Dash at least once.